Wellington Pride Festival

Last year I got to a point where I had said yes so many times that I had no time for myself and I was constantly working for everyone else. At the beginning of this year I made sure that I would focus on me and do the things I wanted to do. I want to make sure that whatever volunteer work I do this year doesn’t overwhelm me, and aligns with my own beliefs and values.

Keeping those things in mind, one of my last big projects I am doing is the youth rep role for Wellington Pride. My goal when setting up the role and joining the committee was to make sure that the committee was a safe space for young people and that in future there wouldn’t need to be a youth rep role because everything Wellington Pride did would just be youth friendly. It wouldn’t mean there wouldn’t be an after party or R18 events, it would just mean that meetings would be held in safe accessible space and young people would be respected and listened to.

Unfortunately these things haven’t occurred, and I stopped attending committee meetings last year in November. I have focused on youth events and the people around me who could support myself and the events we wanted to create.
I’m writing this post to say that I have stepped down from the Wellington Pride committee, and the only events I have had say in are youth based ones I helped organise. Any decisions to do with the Parade or Out In The Park I haven’t had any say in. The one conversation I was vocal in last year was whether corrections should be apart of the parade or not. I have always been against corrections having any place in our Pride events. I resigned before the committee voted on whether they should be a part of Pride or not, and unfortunately it looks like corrections will be walking in the parade. Regardless I hope everyone has a happy and safe Pride.


I signed up to support Pride to create new and exciting events like Drag Queen Story time.