High school drop out?!

This morning on Facebook I got the notification to show me photos and posts I made 1 year ago 2 years ago or what not on this day. Low and behold Facebook reminded me, exactly 2 years ago today I left school early. Below is the photo I uploaded onto Facebook with a little witty status in true Bella form.

“Walking out of school for the last time and the only thing I can think of is how High School Musical gave me unrealistic expectations on what High school was going to be like”1557733_10204121716549435_6929510174195807375_n

I think it is really important to talk about what it means to leave school early and how it isn’t really the end of the world like everyone assumes. I left in year 13 and I had been wanting to leave for a good couple of months; my grades weren’t great and I just didn’t have a solid social group of friends, which I think is what really makes your last year. I knew that if I left I needed to be smart and proactive – I would need to have a plan and make sure I moved straight into a job. So I got a job at KFC and planned on saving to do a makeup course the next year. Of course my plans changed and I never did the make up course, but I did do a beautician course, which in hindsight I really didn’t want to do. I did it because I wanted to tell people I was actually doing something with my life.

Working at KFC isn’t the most glamorous job, and I know a lot of people looked down on me because I left school early to work at KFC (rude!) but for me, KFC was never my end goal it was just a start. It is also important to remember that even if I was still working at KFC today that it is totally fine, and a completely valid job. I never wanted to stay there though, I couldn’t handle the subtle judgment I got from so many people, including people in my family because I worked there.

Again in true Bella form I quit with a beautiful sympathy card which reads:

Dearest the team at KFC,

Thanks all so much for the great times over the last year and a half. Well as good as KFC gets. Catch you on the flip side.


PS: I quit, hope it was obvious.


I am now an administrator at a great little company, with an awesome boss. I’m also on a couple of different boards and generally just doing my own thing. I don’t regret leaving high school early, and I don’t regret not going to university. I can still wait till I’mĀ a little older and apply for specialĀ entrance if I wanted to go to Uni, but I don’t think I do. The point of this post is, if you aren’t enjoying school, then you can leave and still do great things. Everyone says stay in school and they make it sound like you will have a terrible life if you leave early, but I think it is more important to listen to yourself and figure out what is working for you. If school isn’t working then think about what it actually is you want to be doing.

I hope this helps some people if they are struggling at school, because I know school isn’t easy. Sometimes it isn’t even just the classes or the teachers but just the whole social aspect, having to see people everyday thing can be difficult for some.

Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and you can do anything.