My new Ted Baker Bag

Over the last few months I’ve been saving to buy a new handbag because my old one was just falling apart. I’ve always loved Ted Baker and have one of his make up bags, so it was a no brainer to aim for one of his bags. I had been researching online to get an idea for what style I liked and what would be practical for my life. I then worked out how much I wanted to spend and budgeted around that, buying nice things isn’t cheap but there isn’t much point in starving yourself for them either. Whilst I was in Auckland I popped into Smith and Caugheys. I found a few of the bags I’d seen online, I tried them out to see how they felt and to see how practical they were. None of them were exactly what I was after or on sale so I headed on down to the Ted Baker flagship store at Britomart. I’m so glad I did because the moment I walked in I saw the perfect bag for me, the Roselle Patent Crosshatch in Taupe.

Ted Baker Bag


It’s big enough to fit an a4 notebook in, and it also has multiple pouches on the sides for all the small things you need in life, like lipstick and hand sanitiser. The centre pocket is cushioned, so if you have an I pad or a small tablet it will fit and be well protected. These are all things which I am going to find super helpful when going to meetings and conferences. Ted Baker doesn’t skip any of the details either, the liner is a stunning slate grey with dragonflies and florals, not your usual liner choice but one that really suits the overall design.


Ted Baker bag


The bags original price was $469, but I purchased it on sale for $281.40, which I was super happy with. It’s a great piece to have in my collection and one I know will get a lot of use out off. Maybe next I should save up for a Chanel bag, that would be nice!


Bella xox

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  • That bag is beautiful!! So lucky to grab it on a sale too

  • Ahhh what a beautiful and versatile bag! I bought a Ted Baker bag last year during sales, also around $250 down from $450ish. Unfortunately mine was a soft leather that goes really patchy in the rain so I rarely bring it out :'(
    Not that it does much good in my wardrobe. I should just use it and if it tarnishes, well that’s life!